Ginnie Springs

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Ginnie Springs itself is located in Ginnie Springs Outdoors, a private park consisting of 7 springs. While we don't include many private enterprises in SeeNorthFlorida, Ginnie is such a popular attraction, both to locals and those looking for adventure that we have decided to include it.

Equally popular with swimmers, tubers, and scuba divers, Ginnie Spring is one of Florida's great springs, being supposedly named for a woman who washed her laundry at the site many years ago.

This part of the country is the cave diving capital of the United States featuring cave diving as good or better than anywhere in the world.

The main springs inside Ginnie Springs Outdoors Resort opens up to a big outflow of water flowing into the Santa Fe river. This is the biggest pool at Ginnie Springs and can be penetrated to a depth of 55 feet. Divers will encounter a large cavern room with many crevices to explore. There is a grating at the bottom that prevents access to the cave entrance. Many people have died here before that grating was put up. Now this main headspring is one of the safest cavern dives in Florida. Dive lights are allowed here, even for the open water diver. Snorkelers can swim in the spring basin and part of the cavern.

Water in the spring is very clear and visibility is excellent most of the time. The water varies in color from blue to green. The spring forms a run that tapers from the wide pool to perhaps 50 feet in width and flows about 200 feet to the Santa Fe River at the upper end of the Ginnie Springs complex. In the run, bubbles from scuba divers may be observed rising through small holes in the limestone. Land around the spring is mostly cleared hardwood forest, and steps have been constructed from the bank into the spring to prevent erosion.

GPS Coordinates

1) Main Resort Entrance
29.835416, -82.700293

2) Road off of Hwy 340
29.815172, -82.707820

3) Road off of Hwy 47
29.833885, -82.741663

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Another spring in the complex, Devil's Eye, is a circular spring with depths to 15 feet at the bottom of the spring. A cave entrance begins at the bottom of the spring and extends through several thousand feet of cave passage way. Great for the experienced cave diver. Devil's Eye eventually connects to Devils Ear spring. Devil's ear is located in the Santa Fe River about 10-15 yards east of Devil's Eye. This is an exciting traverse between the two springs. Depths at Devil's Ear plunge down an oval chimney shaft 60 feet to a cave entrance. Upon entering the small restriction you are rewarded with a large cavern room. Open water divers should stop here. All surface light will be lost about 10 yards from the entrance.

Ginnie Springs Outdoors is not only about cave diving. Snorkeling is wonderful and tubing along the Santa Fe River to a take out point a little further down the river, still in the complex, is great. There's all sorts of camping on the grounds, from tenting on the river (if you can find a spot at busy times) to full hook-ups for RVs of most any size.

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