The Road to Nowhere
Dixie County, Florida

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There's a lot of stories that go around about how the Dixie County "Road to Nowhere" came into being, including once being a great landing strip for airplanes carrying stuff they shouldn't.

Anyway this lonely road goes through some of the nicest salt marsh area you'll ever see ending at a very strange place. Some way its so strange that its probably where "The spaceship landed!"

By the looks of the seemingly burnt rocks it could be ! ! !

There have been geological students here several times from the University of Florida, not too far away in Gainesville. They don't seem to be able to give an explanation of how this strange place came to be as there's nothing else quite like it, at least in Florida.

Maybe another planet? Anyway, walk around a bit and enjoy the trip.


GPS Coordinates

1) The End of the Road - Nowhere
29.513347, -83.365848

2) The road turns here - Gas Station
29.663642, -83.351997

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