The Spring Hop

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The about 90 miles above is one way including all side trips but it would be very difficult to make this even one way and enjoy all the springs along the way. More than one day, or even two days, will be required to really take in this unusual part of Florida and the world. Click HERE to download and save the map above large enough to make a good clear print to take along with you.

North Central Florida has more fresh water springs concentrated in one area than anyplace else in the world. There are others, not listed here, but the area including High Springs, Branford and Mayo, centered around US27, is a favorite drive of visitors coming from all around this great green and blue earth for the finest in clear water swimming, snorkling, SCUBA diving including the best cave diving that can be found anywhere, not just in Florida.

This area is honeycombed with what is known as Karst Features. Check out for a good explanation. Enter the words "karst features florida" (no quotes) in any good search engine such as Google and you will come up with a fascinating study of this area beneath the surface. Have a look at the image gallery at and This is one of the most fascinating areas in the world.

High Springs is a great starting point and base for this trip. A great main street antique shopping area, good eats and some B&Bs. Branford is the midway point with a bridge over the famous Suwannee River right by Ivey Park, the home of Branford Spring. Mayo is almost the end of the trip, just a little further to Lafayette Blue Springs State Park with a side trip to Luraville and Peacock Springs State Park. Mayo has this great park in the middle of town and, once in a while, you may find an old time festival going on there.

There are 3 wonderful rivers in this area for canoeing and kayaking, again some of the best in the world. The Santa Fe offers many put-in points all along the river with several outfitters along the way, including High Springs. Itchetucknee River State Park is renowned for its tubing down the river during the summer months. And, of course, the mighty Suwannee, 266 miles of beautiful and primitive river from the Okeefanokee Swamp, headquarters at Fargo, Georgia, to the Gulf of Mexico at Suwannee, Florida. The Upper Suwannee is usually known as the part from Branford north and is often thought better for kayaking and canoeing than the Lower Suwannee due to being smaller and less power boat traffic. The mighty Lower Suwannee used to be one of the steamboat capitals of the country, with the old paddwheelers moving people and cargo up and down the river.

Bring your SCUBA gear - if you're not a certified cave diver don't even think about going in the caves - snorkling equipment or just a bathing suit for an experience of a lifetime in the North Central Florida river and spring wonderland.

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High SpringsPoe SpringsGinnie Springs
Ichetucknee SpringsBranford SpringLittle River Spring
Troy SpringsLafayette Blue SpringsPeacock Springs

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